New Jeff Stone Princeville Development on Hanalei Ridge

The ridge over the Hanalei River, as well as the river itself, are once again being eyed for further development and growth.

Jeff Stone, well known on Kauai’s North Shore for all of the changes he’s made to Princeville over the past 13 years, is back at it again. He has taken over the land that he previously sold to eBay founder and Civil Beat publisher Pierre Omidyar and will try to use permits issued to former owner Bruce Stark back in the 1980’s to move a new project forward quickly.

The plan is to create an upscale hotel consisting of cottages and a clubhouse, with most if not all of the cottages having unobstructed views of the Hanalei Pier, Hanalei Beach and Black Pot.

In regards to the Hanalei River, and the surrounding Hanalei Bay, a new proposal to remove limits that currently restrict activities of boat tour companies, surfing schools, kayak tour operators and other water sports businesses has many in the community up in arms.

Currently there are five permitted boat operators, which wouldn’t change with the proposal, but the frequency of tours and the amount of people they can take out would increase dramatically. This, of course, would push out local access to some degree, as well as increase the traffic in an already congested area.

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  • This post seems to be taken from The Garden Island, which should be your first clue.
    It’s full of error.
    There is no government proposal to change the boating regulations or increase boating in Hanalei…other than a proposal from a boating company itself. Everyone knows that’s not going to fly.
    Why are people getting everyone excited over bogus information? Who benefits?

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