For many residents of Kilauea, hearing of the impending closure of the Kilauea Town Market in just a few days brings a range of emotions. Mostly shock. Then it sets in that their only real choices now, other than driving to Princeville or Kapaa, are the Menehune Market at the Shell Station and the recently relocated Healthy Hut. Both respectable small town options, but limited none the less.

Kilauea Town Market
Photo Source: Kilauea Town Market

Rumor is a new grocery store is coming to Kilauea with the new Kilauea Lighthouse Village development that is to surround the current Post Office, prompting the landlords of building which houses the market to not renew the lease. This hasn’t been confirmed by NSK, but the doors are closing anyways.

And with this, everything must go.

Food, wine, equipment and more. All at discount prices.

As well as another Kilauea fixture.

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