Kauai Turtle

An extremely rapid bacterial infection of Kauai’s reefs is causing many of our turtles to grow tumors on their faces and in their throats, leading to their starvation and eventual death. Marine biologist and surfer Terry Lilly, a long time advocate for cleaning up Hanalei Bay and surrounding areas, has created a series of short videos to bring light to many of the issues affecting sea life around the Garden Island.

You can find more videos like the one below on Terry’s website, as well as his YouTube Page.

Terry Lilly’s Underwater 2 Web

Underwater2web’s YouTube Channel



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  • What beautiful creatures, and what a lovingly told but sad story you have made with your film about the infection affecting Kauai Honu turtles and reefs. My fiance and I were just there a week and a half ago and were blessed to have hung out in the shallow waters near the crescent beach of Hanalea bay our first night visiting, with a turtle elder. For fifteen minutes we just stood near the coral with him while he nibbled his dinner, and with a big exhale, surfaced no more than a foot from us. Was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. Thanks for bringing attention to their current plight.

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