Kilauea Falls - No Access

Kilauea Falls - No Access

Kilauea Falls - No Access

What was once a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike is now inaccessible due to the construction zone of a private residence.

The Kilauea Falls Trail, which leads down to beautiful Kilauea Falls, has been cut off and now at the trail head sits a sign stating that there is ‘No Access’.

I think you know how we feel about this. What are your thoughts?


  • I find this extremely sad and another example of greed and not being in harmony with nature or our fellow humans.
    This is one of my favorite hang out spots. Maybe, with enough public pressure presented in a way which will not cause defensiveness we can help them to reconsider public accsess?

    • Yes it upsets me so much to see this place closed..i been to Kauai a few times now to visit and see the old sites where i use to go all the time back in 77′ …Where i had such wonderful memories..that falls was so beautiful..and those people to do this is very selfish ….taking this away from the locals of the island…and the visitors that want to share with the beauty…I guess greed does that to a few uncareing people..

    • This rich dude represents the worst of Hawaii. A river rehab project just below his house was completed with public funds. Congress voted to have Kilauea Falls included in the Kilauea Lighthouse National park, but the funds are not present. Direct your bad mental energy to the owner of this trophy home. He deserves it.

      • I agree. This is the worst in human greed. Thinking because you bought a parcel of land, you own it all. You don’t own rivers/streams, so pretty sure you can get thete legally without passing through this greedy human beings property.
        Somebody should find out who this person is and expose them. Pissed me off.

  • I walked through that site in November. Can’t you access the trail to the Falls if you park up the road, and walk through the woods to the trail, thus avoiding the private homesite.
    I may be wrong. If so, let me know. Thanks.

    • You are tresspassing any way you try to get down to the falls. The building/owner of the 30 million home down there can do and has done almost anything he wants to buy … there are believe it or don’t cameras hidden … he’s got so much at stake he calls it liability. He didn’t like our viewing deck but he can’t do a damn thing. It’s bull shit.

  • The owners are doing this for safety. Once the construction is done….the trail will open back up. It’s for insurance purposes. There are other ways to get to the falls.

  • I mean who’s to say a new trail down to the waterfall will be made. It seems this house is completely cutting the public off from accessing the falls. We are highly disappointed. One of the reasons we came to visit Kauai was specifically to enjoy the falls. Words cannot describe how we feel about this.

  • My wife and I paddled kayaks up the Kilauea stream yesterday and then attempted to walk up the trail leading to the falls. There is now a full-time security guard on patrol on an ATV. He was very nice but told us sorry, we had to go back. He said we were welcome to swim at the pool just upstream from where we parked our kayaks but that Kilaeua Falls is kapu. There are multiple “no trespassing” signs now that weren’t there last summer when we visited the falls. No more access to Kipu Falls … or Kilauea Falls … which one is next? Sad!

  • We have a direct trail to river … we cannot cross.
    We respect their property and tell our guests to respect. There are hundreds of times the water is unsafe especially now that the culvert is directing sick waters thru to the ocean. Lethoscropic disease runs rapid during rains.

  • We have a direct trail to the river. We cannot cross. We tell our guests it is private property now. We respect. After the rains the water isn’t safe to tread especially if any open cuts. Lethoscropy is to watch in all kauai waters.

  • There is a trail to get to the falls that reopened last week. I haven’t been up it yet, but I saw the signs it had reopened. As to this guy who blocked the trail, Kasey is wrong. He wanted all of it to be his own private access. He doesn’t even plan to live on island. It is his 30 million dollar vacation home. He has hired some local boys to cruise all day on ATV’s telling them they are trespassing and have to turn around or they will be arrested. This has happened before in the past. Papa’a beach was closed to the public because of a so called “zoning mistake” and was owned by the director of Six Days and Seven Nights. He came here to film, fell in love as we all do with the island, then decided he wanted it all for himself. He is long gone and it now has public access. More recent Larsen’s Bay went through the same deal with a large construction site blocking access to the trail. Kipu Falls closed because they wrote an article that made headline news that it was unsafe due to drownings, and that it had rip currents! They failed to mention the drunks that jumped straight in the falls, who were not strong swimmers to begin with. The owners of the land are local and wanted to keep it open for generations who have enjoyed it, and many more to come. Their only request was that the blue “Ultimate Guide To Kauai” remove them as a tourist attraction for liability issues. The writer of the book refused. So it has remained closed without access anymore. I have been coming to Kauai since “76 and have lived here for years now. The disrespect and no show of Aloha to the locals that is taking place is criminal! “Haole’s” with big money think the island should be there own little playground. It gives the solid haole’s a bad rap. But we you really want to put an end to more of this, it starts with our city and states lawmakers and politicians. They are being bribed left and right and have sold out their own land for a chunk of the change….

    • JMac, can you elaborate on where this reopened trail head is? I walked down to Rock Quarry’s yesterday and still saw many signs posted on the dirt road near the million dollar property. I live in Kilauea and am pleased to hear that one of my all time favorite spots may be open again! Mahalo!

    • Is access available now that construction is complete? And can anyone confirm if it’s up by the house or if there is a new trail down up the road? My husband proposed to me here years ago and we would love to go back when we are in town. Thanks!!

    • Any update on where the trail is now? We are hoping to see the falls in Sept for the first time…they look awesome. Kipu was always a favorite spot for us that is now just a memory.

    • I am also wondering if we are now allowed to access the falls as we did in the past. Does Somers plot of land include the waterfalls or just the rock quarry road access? I find it hard to believe that the State of Hawaii would allow a millionaire to buy a treasured waterfall which has been enjoyed by locals and tourists for many years. I plan to return to Kilauea Falls in July with my family and am wondering if I will have to contend with the Charles Somers’ security detail on ATVs. Does he have the right to prosecute if you access the falls from the cliff on the other side of the falls off Kolo Road? I wonder if this Californian realizes how many people have enjoyed this waterfall over the years with open access.

  • We were there I think sept 2011, one of my good friends and his brother love I that neighborhood half mile away, we hiked down and yes trespassed through some farm land to get on the trail, we actually saw the security guard and his atv and tent etc set up so we walked through literally in the stream, always remember Hawaii State law you can walk in the stream it is never private propertywhere theres running water, all of the millionaire and billionaire greedy scums that own on the area all around , but you are by law allowed to walk in the water. We had an awesome time and swan, had the whole waterfall to ourselves, so when it was time to leave luckily the security guard was gone, then down the trail he has his daughter with him and saw us three, he was so furious he was trying to figure out where we came from and asked if many many questions he even wanted to fight us, his name was T-bone, an older haole tough guy who is supporting these greedy billionaires by not letting anybody on their land by telling Taurus to go away even locals to go away to feed his family this is sad and sick because people can’t enjoy this amazing waterfall. We explained my friend lived up the road and he finally mellowed out, what a prick, just remember you can access the waterfall but you have to stay in the stream it is difficult to walk in the stream for a couple miles butdo able.

  • I can’t believe it! I would vote out the county officials who allowed this! how can you block natures wonders, on an island that depends on tourism? Needless to say, we were very disappointed>

  • Let’s organize and make this right. This was my FAVORITE spot on the island. I would go there with my kids and swim and have the best time of my life. Now every time I go near there I get mad. T-bone is a defying the island mana and so is the land owner. BTW, guess who is killing the trees at Rock Quarry so he can see the beach from his house?

  • I have seen these waterfalls in movies and always wanted to go there in person. I don’t blame the guy wanting to buy up the property and build there after all it is “paradise”. Someone in the county should be able to give information about access, going there next year sure would like to know. Aloha

  • The owner is a great guy but don’t expect the falls to go public while he ownes the property because it really is a liability issue which keeps it private. The entire area surrounding the falls is on the 160 acres he ownes so no trail leading to the falls can be done with out trespassing.

  • this has been and is still private. If you owned it you would keep people out too. The land around there was a mess with almost 100 cars in the woods, and trash everywhere. It is what it is. The first person who falls or stubbs his or her toe would sue for millions. Stop being haters. The entire island is this way. People with means buying the best most beautiful pieces of property.

  • This is and has been private. There is no way no matter how many different ways you ask to get to the falls without trespassing. Aside from the falls this was a dumping grounds for years of people’s unwanted cars and trash.

  • I fell there and got injured, cracking my coccyx. I never even thought of suing the owner!

    The owner could avoid liability by posting warnings and notices that people enter at your own risk!

  • Hawaii State law you can walk in the stream it is never private propertywhere theres running water, all of the millionaire and billionaire greedy scums that own on the area all around , but you are by law allowed to walk in the water.
    Federal law you can access 10 feet above the high water mark. So all you people supporting this rich greed obviously have something in common with this tool.
    Of course you can hike straight up the stream – per the law, and obviously that would mean NO he does not own the falls.

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