“Move your paddle silently through the water”

Seven Polynesian-built double-hulled voyaging canoes (vaka moanas), sailing across the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand, are set to arrive in Hanalei Bay this afternoon as part of Te Mana o Te Moana. The voyage, which will be the subject of a documentary film, called Vaka of Hope, was created to raise awareness about the state of the ocean.

“This historic event has never occurred on Kaua’i nor in Hawai’i ever, before the arrival of this fleet in Hilo last month. The chance of seeing this again may also never occur, which adds to its historicity.”

Welcoming ceremonies are scheduled for 2pm on the beach at Hanalei Bay fronting Gaylord Wilcox’s property. The location is two lots over (pier side) from of the Hanalei Pavillion.

Pacific Voyagers

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